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(Cycles, Scooters ,  Bikes) 

Main Frames, Mudguards,  Chainguards, Rims, Brakes, Levers, Carriers, Spockes, Tie-Bars, Silencers, Fuel Tanks, Forks, Shock Absorbers,  Various Covers, Stands, Horns, Mirrors Indicators and many more.


3 Wheelers, Cars, LCV’s, Trucks

Main Body, Chassis, Cabine,  Windshield, Fuel   Tanks, Suspension (Pata), Sitting skeletons, Hood   fitting and tubing,  Doors,Engine  Cover, Filter Boxes, Wipers,Trolleys Tippers,  Side  Cars, Farm Horns,  Mirrors ,  Indicators ,Lights,Foot  Steps,  Radiators, Silencers, Air   Brakes  tanks  and many more






Control Panels, Switch Boards, Switch Gears,  Junction Boxes, Switch Fuse Units.  LT & HT Panels.  Distribution Boards/Boxes/ enclosures.  Control Boxes, State Electricity board panels, Transformers , Capacitors , Gensets, Motors, Pumps,  Starters and many more.



Home, Office Computer, Hospital,
Chairs, Tables, Beds, Cupboards,  Cabinets,Wardrobe,  Site tables,
Storage systems,   Trollies, Doors, Windows,

Partitions,Aluminium sections



Aluminium sections




Refrigerators A.C. Cabinets/ Coolers , Washing Machines.  Dish Washers, Micro Ovens, Toasters, Tube Light Fixtures, Kitchenwares, Tablewares, Vacuum Cleaners, Water Heaters & Gyezers, Bathroom fittings,  Watch & Clock, Cabinets TV/Computer/Tape/VCP / VCR), Chokes, Light Fitting, Lamp Shades,  Domestic & Industrial Fans, (Table, Ceiling, Wall, Pedestal ),Starters, Buttons,
Gas Stoves, Heaters, Freezers,Toys Helmet,ABS Components & Etc

Micro Oven

Washing Machine





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