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Powder coating technology that has made a major impact in the finishing industry . Worldwide it has replaced conventional processes like liquid painting, plating and anodizing also in India. This dry powder coating offers manufacturers increased economic benefits and excellent qualities. The POWDER Booth finish is fast replacing liquid and plated finishing for a variety of reasons. Today, it used on metals , glass and ceramics.
Powder booth : Power booth is the most important equipment in the whole process of powder coating technology . The whole technology is based on spraying the powder on to the component with the help of a powder spraying gun , during this powder coating process there is a lot of spillage of unutilized powder dust on the floor ,hence comes the need for a powder booth. Autocoat Engineering powder booth is a specialized equipment able to collect all most of the waste powder dust which does not get applied to the product to be powder coated.This unused powder which gets collected in the powder booth can be re used again and again ,thus making the whole process highly economical . Autocoat Engineering powder booth along with modern techniques is able to handle different color changes with minimum loss of change over time. These powder booths are the best way to handle powder during continuous production , powder booth also help to keep the environment clean. Manufacture powder booths in India



Powder Coating Booth : Autocoat Engineering has become a premier manufacture & supplier of powder booth with custom design and sophisticated finishing systems. Powder coating booth is mainly divided in two categories. (i.e. Powder coating booth working area & Powder coating booth recovery unit). Powder coating booth working size depends upon the components to be coated. Power booth Filtered Air Inlet System can be provided in the Power coating booth to get good (dust free) quality of powder coating. Power coating booth can be used as batch type Powder coating process as well as Conveyorised Powder coating process . In the cyclone based powder booths, over sprayed powder get collected in the Hopper and due to high velocity-suction, it get carried to cyclone. In the cyclone, with spiral action, Powder get collected in the container and air goes out through ducting.
This collected powder in the powder coating booth can be reused. High velocity suction is created with centrifugal fan. In this system cyclone provided are of single or twin design to achieve high efficiency of Collecting powder For proper functioning of the power coating booth. Manufacture powder coating booths in India
Powder Spray Booth : Autocoat Engineering specialises in making the powder spray booth which are been made with the mild steel and stainless steel. power spray booths are been fitted with the quality spray guns and the powder hoppers. The processes that can be carried out in these powder spray booth in a variety of custom made designs. Powder spray booth are been used for spray coating the parts with multiple color shades and the capacity can be customized as per the client's need.
Autocoat Engineering is the most experienced Powder booth Manufacturer since last 50 years in India. Autocoat Engineering have been manufacturing superior quality Powder Spray booth among other valuable products .We have wide experience of manufacturing powder booths with different material handling and different product size , and different production volume.
Autocoat Engineering is one of the most renowned company when it comes to Powder Booth Manufacturers in India & Powder Coating Booth manufacturer in India
Autocoat Engineering Powder coating plant is designed (most critical is Powder booth Design), manufactured , assembled & tested for performance before dispatch and commissioned at site to achieve customer 100% satisfaction. Most of our customers are corporate companies with ISO certification and with stringent quality requirements.

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Powder coating spray booths Plants,Powder Coating Booths

Powder coating spray booths Plants,Powder Coating Booths


Powder coating spray booths Plants


Autocoatindia provides the highest quality  Powder booth, Powder Coating Spray Booths plants ,, Powder Coating  Booths

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