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 Painting Equipment

Advantages of painting equipment

The advantages of having a conveyorised painting system are briefly stated below.

a) Continuous painting of either varied types of components or similar components is ensured.

b) Increased output possible due to round the clock operation.

c) Effective utilization of limited space.

d) Saving in labour force due to considered reduction in handling.

e) Reduction in operator fatigue due to pre-determined speed and convenient height.

f) Effective supervision and control possible.

g) Consistent high quality finish achieved.

Selection of the correct type of conveyor depends upon quantity, size, shape and weight of the components and the processes to be followed. Some commonly used conveyors are described below-

1. The Chain Conveyor consists of one or more endless chains that travel along the entire conveyor path. Loads are carried directly on the chain links or on specially designed elements attached to the chains. This type of conveyor is ideally suited for the overhead movement of light components.

2. The Crossbar Conveyor consists of a single or double strand of endless chains upporting spaced, removable or attached 'sticks' or crossbars from which materials are hung or festooned while being processed.

Ideal applications: Combined dip painting and drying operation or spray painting and drying operation, where generally camel back type of ovens are used.

Examples : Automobile wheels and cycle frames.

3. The Trolley Conveyor is the most versatile type of conveyor due to its capability of following complicated routes and taking horizontal and inclined runs, vertical curves and horizontal turns. This type of conveyor consists of trolleys made up of heavy duty wheels with bearings and drop forged brackets. The trolleys are joined together by means of welded steel linages. Loads are suspended
from attachments bolted to the trolley brackets.

Generally used for overhead handling of sheet metal components and other light items, where the load per trolley does not exceed 50 kg.

Examples : Components of refrigerators, air-conditioners and other appliances, fans, scooters, tractor bodies.

4. The Drag Conveyor consists largely of one or more endless propelling mediums, usually chains or cables, which drag bulk materials in a trough, or along a defined path. This type of conveyor is especially useful for processes where is intermittent'stop and go' motion.

Applications: Automobile industry, especially for motor car bodies and truck bodies.

If you wish to expand your paint shop and space is a problem, it is time to install a
conveyor by selecting the correct type to suit your particular application.

Ask for details of complete systems consisting of pre-treatment equipment, spray booths
drying ovens, conveyors and spray painting equipment, for any painting application.

Selection of Painting Equipment:

The type of spray gun and paint container, the availability of clean, compressed air at the correct pressure, the environment in which the product is painted, all affect the quality, the ultimate finish on a painted product. Make sure the proper Painting Equipment is chosen after taking into consideration the size, weight and shape of the product, its production rate, the type of paint to be used the quantity of finish required.




Painting Equipment


Painting Equipment


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