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The word painting booth refers to paint and painting method .When a product is painted in an open area there is high possibility of dust , dirt and various other particles travelling in the air to fall on to the component, which then reduces the aesthetic value of the painted product.Painting without a painting booth and a specific painting method as per the size and shape of the product also creates a bad and an unhealthy environment . Consistant quality ,consistant production and reduction in product rework as the key factors in today’s fast growing industry.
But all the above can not be achieved by painting the product in open air or wrongly selected painting booth. That’s why there is a huge requirement of painting booth.



Painting Booths are largely streamed lined or categorized in two main areas
Water painting booths (also termed as water wash painting booth ) & Dry painting booths (also termed as dry back painting booth )
Painting booths are again re-divided as per the size of the components i.e. Side Draft Painting Booths & Downdraft Painting Booths
Side draft Painting booths are useful for small or lightweight components, where painting is done standing in one position.
For heavy components, downdraft painting booths are useful. In this booth, the operator can paint the job by moving all around it.
Autocoat engineering painting booths are one of the top sellers of no pump painting booth design
which are also known as pump less painting booths.
These painting booths have the following features: adequate exhaust resulting in effective removal of over spray paint particles and eliminating settling on wet painted surface; provides clean air to the operator; and washing action minimises escape of paint along with exhaust air thus eliminating surrounding pollution and also elimination of fire risk.

Painting booth are engineered for maximum efficiency and economy. The painting booth is designed to maintain an adequate velocity of clean air at t he operator's breathing level and ensure that all the overspray paint is sucked into water tank. By keeping the operator's breathing level free from solvent and overspray paint, it is .possible to make the operators work continuously for longer periods, thereby increasing production and improving the quality of work.

The Painting booth eliminates messy pumps, filters, nozzles etc. and Considerably reduces  maintenance expenses, apart from increasing the water wash action ensuring a complete separation of pigment, resin and solvent with help of chemical added, and  allowing only the solvent to escape out along with the exhaust air.

Autocoat Engineering is the most experienced Painting booth Manufacturer since last 50 years in India. Autocoat Engineering have been manufacturing superior quality Paint booth among other valuable products .We have wide expirence of manufacturing paint booth with different material handling and different product size , and different production volume.

Autocoat Engineering is one of the most renowned company when it comes to Painting Booth Manufacturers in India & Paint Booth Suppliers in India

Autocoat Engineering painting booth is designed (most critical is Painting Booth Design), manufactured , assembled & tested for performance before dispatch and commissioned at site to achieve customer 100% satisfaction. Most of our customers are corporate companies with ISO certification and with stringent quality requirements

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Autocoatindia provides the highest quality spray painting booths, spray painting plants, Powder Coating Booths for your application.

SPRAY  PAINTING BOOTH is also termed as PAINT EXHAUST SYSTEM, SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH, PAINTING BOOTH etc. Even though the names are different the purpose is the same.

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