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Why  you  need to upgrade existing paint shop?


 Our Company has a Vast Experience in Upgradation of existing Paint Shops.
  Some of the Old Paint Shops Upgraded And Recommissioned by our company.
 Why do you need to “Upgrade Existing Paint Shop”?
  •  You have paint shop unused and lying idle, now there is a request for a “New Product”.    
  • Change of model or item or component, than paint shop earlier designed for.
  • Existing paint shop has been “Very Old” resulting
  • Frequent breakdowns  
  • Frequent maintenance
  • Consuming more energy
  • Resulting heavy “Rejections”
  •  Heavy running cost due to “outdated technology” or “Obsolete Technology”
  • Either you scrap paint shop and buy new
  • Or you modify / upgrade existing paint shop at 25%  - 50% cost 

If you have small / medium / large paint shop, say more than 5 years old, either in use or not in use, contact us for our expertise in the field. Instead of Buying NEW PLANT decide on upgradation of old plants for :

  * Better Paint Sludge Disposal

  * Better lighting (Illumination of 1000 lux)
  * Better water curtains (SS Curtains)
  * Better paint sludge removal (Sedimentation)
  * Minimize fire hazard (Double wash system)
  * Better filtration (5 micron Roll-on filters)
  * Many More

  * Air washer with 20/10/5 micron filtration
  * Effective air washing
  * Day to Day Cleaning for TPM

  * Direct Fired LPG Burners
  * Cleaning facility for TPM
  * Temperature Performance                                     

  * Multiple drive units with VFD
  * Conveyor Guards for dust prevention

Save huge capital investments by spending in old existing plants, Contact  our
Engineers for upgradation. 



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