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Water Dry-Off oven

Water Dry-Off oven completely removes the residue water, film the parts after they leave the cleaning machine. This is especially important for applications where powder paints or solvent based paints are applied shortly after the parts leave the dry off. The dry off can be constructed as a convection oven or dehumidification dryer.
The Water Dry off Oven helps in removing water from the surface or interior of certain products or substrates. The Water Dry off Oven removes the moisture from water based coatings and adhesives. The Water Dry off Ovens are designed and built to suit your requirements like production, size, etc.
Water Dry-Off ovens combine highly reliable performance with extraordinary energy efficiency. Unlike convection dryers which require the heating of the entire chamber, the heat in a water dry odd oven is impinged directly upon the surface. This gently enhances the transfer of heat and significantly reduces the amount of heat required. Also, these unique dryers use only enough heat to speed the evaporative process, relying on continuous air impingement to facilitate drying.

Designed to cure or dry water based or high solid stains, sealers, and top-coats. High velocity flash off sections enhance the curing process. Engineered to fit over your existing conveyor or built as an integral part of your new finishing system, drying tunnels are economical, reliable, easy to install.

Long-wave, medium-and short-wave infrared energy may all be used in heating ,drying and curing processes, with the most efficient type being determined by the actual process requirements. Long- wavelength infrared emits energy between 4.0 and 6.0 microns, with energy densities of 5 to 15 watts per square inch. Medium-wavelength infrared emits energy between 2.4 and 4.0 microns, with energy between 2.4 and 4.0 microns, with energy densities of 15 to 60 watts per square inch. Short-wavelength infrared, also known as High-Intensity infrared, emits energy between 1.0 and 1.2 microns with energy densities between 100 and 200 watts per square inch.

By studying the properties of the material to be used, Casso-Solar selects the infrared heater that is best applied to the process. Considerations for the selection include performance, space availability for the equipment, reliability, safety, and ease of use. Choosing the wrong infrared system may result in wasted production floor space, excessive operating costs and inconsistent quality. Often replacement systems provide short payback periods based on electrical power savings alone.

Construction of drying ovens
The design of an oven is determined by many factors, such as total heating capacity, shape of the object to be dried, type and thickness of insulation required, adequate exhaust arrangement for removing the solvent fumes, and a proper arrangement for location of burners and heaters to ensure uniform heating. The arrangement of burners or heaters should ensure the provision of uniform heating across the cross section and the length of the oven.

Stoving ovens are generally constructed out of mild steel sheets with strengthening members and supports on the outside and aluminum sheets on the inside, with an adequate thickness of insulation in between.

During regular operation, the temperature inside the oven is automatically maintained at a
Pre-determined level with the help of thermostatic controls in the case of electrical heating and by temperature controllers operating solenoid valves in the case of steam, gas and oil heating.

Improved quality and durability of paint finish can be achieved by providing proper facilities for stoving the painted components. This requires an oven of the right type, size and having the correct stoving temperature. In many cases, an improvement in the finish and economics in paint costs can be achieved for users of air drying paints, by adding stoving facilities and changing over to enamel paints,

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Electric ovens, Gas fired oven, electric oven, drying oven,water dry-off oven, camel back oven


Electric ovens, Gas fired oven, electric oven, drying oven,water dry-off oven, camel back oven


Autocoatindia provides the best quality  Powder Coating oven, infrared oven, Electric ovens, Gas fired oven, electric oven, drying oven,water dry-off oven, camel back oven

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