Bus Body spray cum oven booth ,baking booth ,Spray Bake Booth ,Truck Body spray cum oven booth, Trailer Body spray cum oven booth,Aircraft/ Air Plan spray cum oven booth, Train Body /Wagon spray cum oven booth

Specialized  for baking booth, Bus Body spray cum oven booth ,Spray Bake Booth ,Truck Body spray cum oven booth, Trailer Body spray cum oven booth, Aircraft  Spray Painting Booth Cum Oven, Train Body /Wagon spray cum oven booth

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(Spray Bake Booth / Booth cum Oven / Spraying & Baking Oven / Garage Booth / Car Refinishing Booth)

Autocoat Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd. is already in manufacturing of painting plant on Turn Key Basis having supplied many large Spray Painting Booth & Conveyorised  Phosphating & Painting plant all over India, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc. For low volume production, ideal setup is combination of Spray painting & drying operation in single equipment known as Spray Bake System

Autocoat offers precision engineered range of Spray baking Booth Cum Oven (auto paint booth cum oven) widely used for the purpose of spray painting and immediate drying. Booth resistance to corrosion increases cleanliness and thus operator efficiency, making it suitable for a number of application, large sized products, and other industries. Depending upon the type of usage (paint booths) can be availed in various sizes suitable for unique or standard application.


SPRAY baking Booth Cum Oven essentially should :

  • Be for a car  or large sized of products for car painting and baking

  • Maintain a high level of safety and performance together with top quality construction and  materials

  • Have a various systems of environmental protection

  • Have a wide range of colors available: white, red, marine blue, gray, orange

  • Be trustworthy durability of each part

  • Accommodate automobiles and small commercial Vehicles, other Vehicles .

  • Be highly economical and reliable,

  • Provide spraying and accelerated drying or baking in one clean, fast operation, without the need to move vehicle.

  • Provide scrupulously clean environment within the booth.

  • Help operators to work with complete comfort and confidence, using virtually any type of today's paint materials.

Such low volume production Spray Bake System is very popular in China & equipment is competitively priced for a good quality product.

As a diversification & as a strategy to expand customer base our company (Autocoat Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd) has tied up with M/s. Yancheng Jingzhongjing Painting Equipment Co., Ltd.

Before tieing up, Autocoat & Yancheng had carried out detailed excercises so that our customer in India are benefitted for:

  • QUALITY PRODUCT in terms of life , workmanship & standardisation Yancheng has been credited with the “Certificate for Excellence” in contract and credit, “Certified for Quality” by the Guangzhou Municipal Board of Quality and Technology Supervision and the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Environmental Conservation, ISO 9001:2012 Certified, QMS CE.

  • AVAILABILITY OF SPARES during life of equipment: Annual production capacity is 3000 sets.

  • TRAINING OF AUTOCOAT ENGINEERS AT YANCHENG, who inturn will  look after equipments and after “Sales & Services”, The products are imported, tested as per international standards, and backed by Autocoat Technical Guidance & Expertise, after sales service.

  • TO ANSWER EVERY TECHNICAL QUESTION from Customer in India without need of contacting with Yancheng, unless for major questions.

More about our associate Yancheng Company -:

Yancheng Jingzhongjing Industrial Painting Equipment Co.,Ltd, is a trans-regional Group of Guangdong Jingzhongjing Industrial Painting Equipment Co.,Ltd. For the requirement of customers in domestic and abroad, It specializes in developing, manufacturing, marketing the brand of Jingzhongjing and Standard-bearer car painting/spraying booth, industrial painting equipments and Auto-Maintenance of shear shape car lifts.

Yancheng has specialised  in development, manufacture abd marketing of the famous brand of JZJ car spray / painting booth, pre-station and painting production line. Yancheng are enjoying good reputation in International market as Yancheng have good quality and competitive price. Yancheng passed international certification of ISO9001:2012, QMS CE. Yancheng standard spray / baking booth is pretty popular with Europeans and American customers because of the durable performance of booth.

Yancheng products are well received in China, USA, Japan, Russia, Australia, Canada, Germany, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan & India. It has agents in these countries. Its core products are spraying & baking booth, Whirlpool spraying & baking booth, pump spraying & baking booth, bridge style baking room, room type baking room, shower tester, large industrial painting assembly line for car, bus, mechanical equipment , car body, sheet metal, rectifier.

Yancheng has a large experience in the field of car finishing booths spray bake booth. Yancheng have designed Spray Booth Cum Oven and supplied , not only for small and medium sized cars but for large scaled or large sized vehicles like  :-

  • Bus Body Spray Booth Cum Oven

  • Truck Body Spray Booth Cum Oven

  • Trailer Body Spray Booth Cum Oven

  •  Aircraft  Spray Painting Booth Cum Oven

  •  Air Plane Spray Painting Booth Cum Oven

  •  Military or Ordinance equipment  Spray Booth Cum Oven

  • Train Body or Wagon Spray Booth Cum Oven  

   Other products like Car Shower Machine, Car Wash Booth, and Car Shower Booth.

Spraying & baking paint booth have been designed & supplied for many famous automobile manufacturers, such as : VOLKSWAGAN, AUDI, MAZDA, GM, CITROEN, PEUGEOT, TOYOTA, HONDA, FORD, NISSAN, MG, JAC etc.

Yancheng has also designed and supplied booths for large sized products like:-

  • Wind Mill Spray Booth Cum Oven

  •  Large Water Circulation pipe Spray painting Booth Cum Oven

  •  Electric Transformers Spray Booth Cum Oven

  •  Export Container Spray Booth Cum Oven

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Yancheng Qualification Honor

Two Wheeler Bike Scooter Booth,Spray Bake Booth ,baking booth

Two Wheeler Bike Scooter Booth

Car Refinishing Line

Car Refinishing Line

Bus Body Spray Booth Cum Oven

Bus Body Spray Booth Cum Oven

Truck Body Paint Booth

Truck Body Paint Baking Booth

Transformer Painting Booths

Transformer Painting Baking Booths

Heavy Material  Paint Booths

Heavy Material  Paint Booths

Export Container Paint Booth

Export Container Paint Baking  Booth

Wind Mill Paint booth,spray booth cum oven,Spray Bake Booth

Wind Mill Paint booth

Aircraft  Booth Painting booth,spray booth cum oven,Spray Bake Booth,baking booth

Aircraft Baking  Booth

Aircraft or Air Plane Spray Booth Cum

Aircraft or Air Plane Spray Baking  Booth


Autocoatindia supplied  Bus Body ,Truck Body  Trailer Body, Aircraft  Spray Painting Booth Cum Oven ,Spray Bake Booth ,Paint Baking Booth  Military/Ordinance equipment, Train Body /Wagon spray cum oven booth in india

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Design & supplied Bus Body spray cum oven booth ,Truck Body spray cum oven booth, Trailer Body spray cum oven booth, Aircraft/ Air Plan spray cum oven booth, Train Body /Wagon spray cum oven booth