Supplier  Automatic painting system for Automatic Wooden Door Painting,Mobile Phone Painting ,Toys Painting, Helmet painting ,Television painting ,LCD Painting , Gift articles painting ,Plastic painting ,ABS painting ,FRP painting, Clock Frame Painting , Shoes Painting, Wheel Cover Painting  all over India

Supplier  Automatic painting system & Automatic painting machine  for Automatic Wooden Door Painting, Mobile Phone Painting ,Toys Painting, Helmet painting ,Television painting ,LCD Painting , Gift articles painting ,Plastic painting ,ABS painting ,FRP painting, Clock Frame Painting , Automatic Plastic Painting Line system,Shoes Painting, Wooden door & Frame  painting ,Wheel Cover Painting  all over India

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Automatic Painting System

Autocoat Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd. is already in manufacturing of painting plant on Turn Key Basis having supplied many large Spray Painting Booth & Conveyorised Phosphating & Painting plant all over India, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc.

To increase productivity, reduce cost of painting, Automatic Painting Machines are designed, developed in Japan, Taiwan & China and are extremely popular resulting competitive products. Autocoat is now offering great opportunities to Indian manufacturers with such versatile Automatic Painting Machines

An Automatic Painting System has a Painting Booth composed of a partition having side Walls, a Ceiling, and a Floor which jointly define a working space isolated by the partition from exterior space for accommodating
a work piece to be painted in a position therein. The partition has air inlet and outlet ports opening into the working space.

A movable painting mechanism such as a Automatic Spray Gun is disposed adjacent to the work piece position and controlled by a control unit disposed outside of the Painting Booth and including a Drive source. The control unit and the movable painting mechanism are interconnected by an arm accommodated in an arm housing extending through the partition with a sealing member hermetically sealing a gap between the arm housing and the partition.

A door is mounted on the partition in the vicinity of the work piece position for transfer of the work piece into and out of the painting booth

Automatic Painting Machine should

  • Eliminate skilled Painter or Operator

  • Deliver consistent quality of painting on product

  • Simple to operate

  • High productivity of Paint consumption

  • Finally cost per unit is lowest due to

  • Be of International quality

    - Less space

    - Less power

    - Less heating

    - Less manpower cost, paint consumption cost etc.

    - Less rejection

  • Lastly highly economical & reliable

    High volume Automatic Painting machines are very popular in China & vide rage of models are competively priced for good quality product.

Automatic Painting System Introduction

 Autocoat offer precision engineered range of Auto painting system widely used for the purpose of spray painting and immediate drying.

Booth resistance to corrosion increases operator efficiency, making it applicable for a number of application, mainly small sized products, and other industries. Depending upon the type of usage paint consumption and production capacity needed. The automatic painting line can be availed in various sizes suitable for unique or standard application.

Autocoat have tie up with “HUAN YU", an ISO 9001 Company, and leading manufacturer for Automatic Painting Machines, Automatic Painting Lines, Auto Spray Painting Line with out Robot, Portable Auto Painting Machine.

These machines can be added on with small air supply units and infrared and UV ovens. The basic need for automatic painting machine is that the quality of painting can not be matched with manual spray painting, high production capacity can be achieved a comparatively less cost when compared with the painting practice in India.

These products are completely imported, tested as per international standards, and we stand in hand to hand with these products. Before tieing up, Autocoat & Huan Yu had carried out detailed exercises so that our customer in India are benefited:

  • QUALITY PRODUCT in terms of life , workmanship & standardisation M/s. Huan Yu has been credited with the “Certificate for Excellence” in contract and credit, “Certified for Quality” by the Guangzhou Municipal Board of Quality and Technology Supervision and the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Environmental Conservation, ISO 9001:2012 Certified, QMS CE.

  • AVAILABILITY OF SPARES during life of equipment: Annual production capacity is 3000 sets.

  • TRAINING OF AUTOCOAT ENGINEERS AT M/S. HUAN YU, who inturn look after equipments and after “Sales & Services”, The products are imported, tested as per international standards, and backed by Autocoat Technical Guidance & Expertise, after sales service and technical expertise.

  • TO ANSWER EVERY TECHNICAL QUESTION from Customer in India without need of contacting with M/s. Huan Yu, unless for major questions.

    More about Huan Yu Company -:

    Dongguan Huanyu Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. (Taiwan – funded) is a cooperative company of strategy and technology of Taiwan and Japan. The company is located in Jiaoli Donghe Industrial Zone, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan, covering an area ofr 20120m2 , with its headquarter in Taiwan. The company combines the experience and technology of Taiwan and Japan and wins consistent favors from various customers by advanced technology and high quality.

    Since its establishment, holding an innovative concept and professional experience together with reformed technology, updated devices, excellent technicians as well as outstanding processing technology and first-rank capability of development of engineers, Huanyu Automatic Machine Co., Ltd dedicates itself in the research and development of various special machines to meet customers’ demand on spray devices and in the design and production of various painting devices of high quality and productability applicable in the industries of plastic electronics, hardware, sports equipment, appliance, vacuum plating etc. Company strive for making progress with you.

    This company holds the tenet of “High Efficiency, Fine Quality, Good Faith” Under outstanding researchcapability, scientific programming, advanced technology and improved after service.

    The Auto Spray Painting Machine or the Auto Spray Painting line is suitable for Plastic, ABS, FRP, etc that is we can also call this painting line as

  • Mobile Phone Painting Line

  • Toys Painting Line

  • Helmet painting line

  • Television painting line

  • LCD Painting line

  • Gift articles painting line

  • Plastic painting line

  • ABS painting line

  • FRP painting line

  • Clock Frame Painting line

  • Shoes Painting Line

  • Wheel Cover Painting Line

  • Automatic Wooden door painting line

  • Wooden frame painting line

  • Automatic Plastic Painting Line

Huan Hu believe in always uphold the concept of a breakthrough, the accumulated expertise, superior technology and processing engineers and development capabilities, to develop all kinds of special models for our customers to be on the stringent requirements of spraying equipment, Widely applicable to the design and production of,




Technical Specification

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Gift Article Automatic Painting Machine

Gift Article Automatic Painting Machine

Television Automatic Painting Machine

Television Automatic Painting Machine

Automatic Painting Line
Automatic Painting Line
Small Automatic Painting Line/ Helmet Automatic Painting Line
Small Automatic Painting Line/ Helmet Automatic Painting Line
Mobile Phone Automatic Painting Line
Mobile Phone Automatic Painting Line
Toy  Automatic Painting Line,Automatic Plastic Painting Line
Toy  Automatic Painting Line
Gift Article Automatic Painting Machine,Automatic Plastic Painting Line
Gift Article Automatic Painting Machine
Helmet Automatic Painting Machine,Automatic Plastic Painting Line
Helmet Automatic Painting Machine


Autocoatindia provides Automatic Painting system system for Automatic Wooden Door Painting,Mobile Phone Painting system ,Toys Painting system, Helmet Painting system ,Television Painting system ,LCD Painting system ,  Gift articles
Painting  system ,Plastic Painting system ,ABS Painting system ,FRP Painting system, Clock Frame Painting system , Shoes Painting system, Automatic Plastic Painting Line,Wooden door & Frame painting system
,Wheel Cover Painting system all over India

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Automatic Painting system for  Automatic Wooden Door Painting,Mobile Phone ,Toys , Automatic Plastic Painting Line,Helmet ,Television ,LCD , Gift articles ,Plastic ,ABS ,FRP , Clock Frame , Shoes , Wheel Cover,Wooden door painting all over India